December 2020 Newsletter

Hello Friends and Family!

Thank you for praying, for partnering, and for encouraging us.

What a season October and November has turned out to be. Participating in what God has
and continues to establish with Arabella Haven is beyond what we have been dreaming of.
We began October in a tiny cabin courtesy of Woodland Lakes Christian Camp and made
quick friends with the owners and operators, while we house-hunted.

The day we were approved for a mortgage a big house popped up on the market, and our
realtor, Colleen, was able to schedule a walk through. With seven bedrooms, the house is
rather unassuming from the outside. As we walked through the hallways and rooms, we kept
glancing at each other in disbelief. This was so much more than we were asking God for, and
I, Codi, really like the kitchen too!

Even though there were several interested parties before us, we were first to put our offer in.
Within the first week of us landing in Ohio, we began negotiations for the house. We were
surprised at how smooth the process was, and on Friday November 20, 2020, God handed
over the keys to our new home and ministry. Colleen kept commenting how the timing of
events, the smoothness of the negotiations, and all the little details were undeniably marked
by our Lord’s blessing.

The week before we moved in, I was able to attend the Missionary Kid Caregivers Summit
online, a beautiful seminar about grief, the grieving process, and walking alongside Missionary
Kids during the time of Covid. With such an unusually full year for us personally, it was good
to learn and process with others, as well as network and get to know other individuals and
organizations working to support and care for MKs.

Now that we are in the house we have been working to clean and prepare and furnish the
rooms we have for guests. We’ve added Arabella Haven to missionary hospitality lists and let
them know we are available very soon. We have been able to talk with a few individuals and
families about coming here to rest or quarantine after their time overseas in the spring and
summer months, and are hoping to be a good fit for their needs. Thankfully the way the house
was built we are able to offer quarantine space if that is needed or wanted, and we have
plenty of space for enjoying God’s handiwork outside.

There are plenty of projects to tackle, and everything is in pretty good shape, we’ve just got a
lot of rooms painted purple and some floral wallpaper to change out. The kids have been
thinking through the books and toys we have on the moving truck, and planning which ones
will be staying downstairs in the hopes of sharing with missionary kids their own age who will
come and stay with us.

Our final day with Wycliffe Bible Translators was November 30, 2020. If you have a
recurring gift set up with Wycliffe still, you will need to cancel it by contacting their donor
relations department through the options below. Any gifts received through our account will
go to the Wycliffe General fund beginning December 1.

———-Financial Partnership Information———-

You are invited to transition with us to Interlink Ministries!
Step 1: Cancel your recurring Wycliffe gift:

Method 1: Email
Method 2: Call the Wycliffe donor relations office: (800) 992-5433

*To start or continue partnering with us

Step 2: Start your Interlink Ministry Giving:
Go to, and choose the method that works best.
You can set up automatic recurring donations through PayPal, credit card, check, or
automatic bill pay if offered by your bank.
*All donations are tax deductible.
May you be filled with the hope of Jesus Christ this Advent season.

Tim, Codi, Noah, Esther and Ben Gauci

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